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Brand New Talent shot right at Exxxotica Expo this past October. Lets welcome Sexual Chocolate to RBV and she's a freak and a half. She can suck the skin off some dick I tell ya and Brick had alot to deal with. She takes dick like a real MVP no matter the size.  Yall definitely gonna like her, hopefully we get an anal scene out of her soon, but for now enjoy this chocolate freak.
Here's another video from last year's Exxxotica filmed in the same room as below. Lets welcome Imani Seduction to RBV along side Bk Brick aka Brickzilla.  They was in that room for a few days fuckin up a storm and this is one of them scenes.  My man brick got up in that pussy for real, and had her turnt out for a minute with that big ol ass. He spanked the pussy to perfection!!
Here's a treat for you guys, thick and pretty Marley took on BK Brick Aka Brickzilla awhile ago. He dam near tapped her out a few times, but like the trooper she is, she took it and loved it.  Some of may have seen this, but just in case you didn't, check it out. Great jerk off material
Here's a treat from 5 years ago, ana MILF Vanessa came through to get double dick down.  Turk wasn't on his ! game on this day so MD had to jump in and wreck that ass. Turk came through in the end and finished her off.  Blast from the past for yall
Got some heat from New cummer Ash Ca$h. Mr Jay broke her in before so now she's up for that bbc challenge again. This is from my electricblaq series. She was loving that pound out she got nd creamed all over the dick.  A scene not to miss
Lets welcome Miss Anna Sky to rawblackvideos. She takes on Elijah Woodz and whew she had a interesting time. She had to warm up to the BBC but once she opened up, he went to work. She's a true freak and you can tell she loves to fuck.  Nice one
Pretty Please made a quick return to the game and the pussy was extra tight.  Took us awhile to open her up in this vid. Jaxxx really got up in her guts after some time and even creampied the pussy.  We shot about 3 more vids and she retired again, hopefully she will come back again because that pussy was good asf.
Island girl Monica Denali makes her debut her at RBV with 11 inch BBC Master Elijah Woodz. She was in for a little more than she was use to, but that pussy got creamy and she got fucked good.  She took a nice load in her mouth to end it off proper.